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Urchin King

Katharina Gerlach

published August 2013
written during NaNoWriMo 2008
Historical Fantasy

Kindle eBook


For readers of fantasy from 12-99 years

For fourteen years, street-urchin Paul's miserable existence has kept him safe from an ancient law that sentences all second-born twins to death. When he learns he is the younger twin of the mentally handicapped Crown Prince who's in danger of being killed for his disability, he agrees to play the role of the miraculously healed royal heir.

Paul struggles to learn how to act like a born ruler, but finds that his greatest skill, getting by unnoticed, is now his greatest liability. He knows if he is discovered, he will be executed like all second-born twins. When a vengeful sorcerer threatens the kingdom, Paul is the only one who can oppose him. But using his unique talents will expose him. Now, he's got the choice. What is more important, his life or his family's and the kingdom's safety?

This book is DRM-free. DRM is a form of encoding than makes it impossible to legally use an eBook on other eReaders. Since I don't want to patronize my readers, I am not using DRM. This way, everyone who buys one of my eBooks can convert it with a program like Calibre (free of charge) into the format supported by his/her eReader.





In 2014, "Urchin King" (German edition) won the Qindie Label. This label is awarded to outstanding Indie published books.



"Urchin King" was a semi-finalist for the "KBR Best Indie Book 2012" award. The 2012 Best Indie Book Contest was established and judged by the reviewers at The Kindle Book Review. They pre-screened hundreds of books and judged them on formatting, writing quality, and if the book “grabbed” them from the beginning.


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