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The Dwarf and the Twins
Treasures Retold 1

Katharina Gerlach

available in March 2015
written 2014
Fairy Tale Retelling

Kindle eBook

The Dwarf and the Twins


Katharina Gerlach knows more about spinning a well-told tale than most writers ever learn. Vanessa Wells
Fun retelling of a traditional story C. L. Black

About the Book

Once upon a time in a world where magic and technology collide with unexpected consequences…

When Martin helps a pregnant woman to flee from the king’s men, he doesn’t know that the twins she bears will change his solitary life forever.

What if the Brother's Grimm misunderstood the dwarf in the original tale of "Snow White and Rose Red"?

The book includes a bonus story and the original fairy tale.

DRM-free DRM is a form of coding than makes it impossible to legally use an eBook on other eReaders. Since I don't want to patronize my readers, I am not using DRM. This way, everyone who buys one of my eBooks can convert it with a program like Calibre (free) into the format supported by his/her eReader.

For YA and Adult Fairy Tale Fans


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