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What Really Counts

Katharina Gerlach

published November 2014
written 2014
Fantasy Anthology

Kindle eBook

For readers of 10 years and older

This eBook contains two short stories

Wild Rose
Moving to a different suburb destroys Cassie's life; she can no longer visit her beloved park. The neighbors' gardens – geometrical, neat, and boring. One woman's magic rules them all, but Cassie will fight for nature's rights or die trying.

Missing Katie
Max knows what truly counts, the love for his late wife Katie. But dementia threatens to eliminate his memories. Unlikely as it seems, he must save the parallel dimension he stumbles into. Will he remember enough or lose Katie for a second time?

One girl fights for nature.
One man fights to keep his memories.
Two stories about what truly matters …

This book is DRM-free. DRM is a form of encoding than makes it impossible to legally use an eBook on other eReaders. Since I don't want to patronize my readers, I am not using DRM. This way, everyone who buys one of my eBooks can convert it with a program like Calibre (free of charge) into the format supported by his/her eReader.


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