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cover for Reunions of Souls - Judgement's Tale #3

Reunions of Souls:
Judgement's Tale #3

William L. Hahn

published December 2014
Epic Fantasy Series, Volume Three

Dieses Buch gibt es nur auf Englisch!

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for lovers of Epic Fantasy

This is the third of four books in the Epic Fantasy series "Judgement's Tale" by William L. Hahn.
It is advisable to read them in order.

With a world in crisis, its heroes reach out to find companions, to take stock for the struggle ahead, and to look beneath the surface at clues that may make the difference between a person’s fame and a nation’s doom.

On the fringe of the cursed Percentalion, Treaman’s adventuring band revives the glory-days of Trainertown, celebrated by all—except themselves—as the hand of destiny. Somewhere in the remote Marble Swords, Sir Renan abandons name and fortune to seek a brotherhood that no one else believes exists. Near the forests north of Shilar, Prince Gareth wrestles with the choice to preserve his honor alone, or rejoin his royal father’s house and in so doing, cause a war between the children of Hope.

Now at the heart of Conar—safest city in the Lands—Solemn Judgement, the Man in Grey, uncovers the gateway to peril; he is thrown among adventurers that include his only friend, the woman who refused to teach him, and a man who has vowed his death, in… Reunions of Souls.

DRM-frei DRM ist eine Form der Verschlüsselung, die eine legale Benutzung des eBooks auf anderen Lesegeräten unmöglich macht. Da ich meinen LeserInnen keine Steine in den Weg legen will, verzichte ich auf DRM. So kann jeder, der ein Exemplar meiner eBooks gekauft hat, sie mit einem Programm wie Calibre (kostenlos) in das Format umwandeln, das er/sie braucht.

"Judgement's Tale" will be followed by "The Eye of Kog", its sequel.


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